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Xperio Polarized Lenses have a special chemical applied to them to filter light providing maximum UV protection. The chemical’s molecules are lined up specifically to block some of the light from passing through the lens. Polarized lenses are great for protecting your eyes from bright light and reducing glare. They are a great for driving and water or snow activities allowing crisper and truer color perception.

Polarized lenses are available in GRADIENT COLORS in the shade of Violet, Blue-Purple, Blue Sky, Grey, Brown and Grey-Green. SOLID COLORS in the shade of Brown, Grey, Grey-Green, Melanin, Ruby, Copper and Yellow called DRIVEWEAR lenses or MIRROR COLORS in the shade of Gold, Red Velvet, Citrine, Forest, Jade, Silver and Azule.

For optimal results we recommend adding CRIZAL SUN UV coating or PHYSIOTINTS for natural colour perception.

Transitions GEN 8 lenses activate 3 times faster 3 and are 3 minutes faster to fade back to clear. They are even darker outdoors when fully activated offering optimum vision, comfort and protection all day long. Transitions GEN 8 BLOCKS 100% UV and help protects from harmful blue light from digital devices, screens. They are available in a wide range of stylish like XTRACTIVE POLARIZED and SIGNATURE COLORS in Grey, Brown and Graphite Green featuring exclusive Chromea7 technology for a faster response in all lighting and temperature conditions. 

STYLE COLORS in Emerald Green, Sapphire, Amethyst and Amber.

NEW STYLE MIRRORS COLORS in Silver, Violet-Blue, Flash Gold, Blue-Green and Copper.

For optimal results against scratches we recommend adding CRIZAL ROCK.