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We are an optical store with a versatile collection of sunglasses and eyewear. As a third-generation family-owned business we are excited to bring optical services to our community and serve you with integrity, professionalism and honesty, the same way my grandfather did back in 1938.

Lorenzo graduated as a Refracting Optician (Italy) in 1991 and as an Optician Contact Lens Fitter in Manitoba in 2000.

Our reputation goes with the quality of our optical services and products and their functionality for the real Winnipeg life. We always offer you a personalized service along with in-store warranty for a year or more for most of our products.

With this, we thrive to offer the best services to everyone in the family with special attention to the parents budgets and our senior customers. We take our time to educate and consult with each individual, addressing their needs and sharing our passion for the industry.