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                                                                What is a progressive free-form, digital single vision or HD lenses?   

Traditional progressive lenses are produced using “pre-molded” templates and the same design is use for every eyewear. Free-form or digital lenses are customized based on computer automated design or CAD. These lenses are created with high precision tools to create special surfaces on both the front and back surfaces of the lens. Digital free-form lenses can provide you with clearer vision in every gaze direction and in all lighting conditions, wider range of vision, better optical quality designed around the individual and their frame and less distortions. Digital lenses are available in a wide range of single vision and progressive lenses at affordable prices.  At Heritage Sight Optical we test and select our lenses to provide you the best visual solutions whatever your needs and lifestyle is.


We’re always in search of the best products for our customers. These are our recommendations.

Essilor Varilux XR Series the first eye-responsive progressive lens powered by behavioral artificial intelligence. These lenses are the only progressive lenses with Xtend Technology, a breakthrough design calculation that significantly extends the area of sharp vision within arm’s reach—patients no longer have to tilt their heads to find “just the right spot.” They also feature Nanoptix® Technology, which virtually eliminates any off-balance feeling, leaving the wearer feeling confident on the go.

Available in TransitionsG8, TransitionsG8 Xtractive and Xperio Polarized. 

Essilor ActiveDVE4 a customized Multi-Design Optimized for amazing visual comfort and fast adaptation. Tailor made to each individual prescription; ActiveDVE4 is the first step towards personalization without additional measurements. It takes into account the prescription of each wearer so the progressive lenses they have are better adapted to their visual needs while optimizing the fields of vision.

Available in TransitionsG8, TransitionsG8 Xtractive and Xperio Polarized.

Essilor ActiveDVE3 powered with Intermediate Vision Booster Technology, offering up to 53% Wider Intermediate Vision compared to standard progressives. ActiveDVE3 stabilizes the power variation in the mid-distance zone of the lens where the power variation is the strongest. The Intermediate Vision Booster Technology reduces the aberrations in the intermediate zone thus widening the intermediate vision field.

Available in TransitionsG8, TransitionsG8 Xtractive and Xperio Polarized.

Essilor ACTIVE WorkSpace is a specific lens designed for comfort during near and intermediate activities. Computer lenses are ergonomically designed to provide wide vision fields in the intermediate and near zones. These lenses are the perfect match for an office workspace and make an excellent suggestion as a second pair.  ACTIVE WorkSpace lenses come with built-in blueshield protection against harmful blue-violet light.

Active Progressive Wrap are designed for a comfortable vision adapted to fit sports, fashion, or oversized frames. These lenses incorporate a patented process for an optimized visual performance, even in movement. Thanks to a panoramic vision field, this design will ensure comfort for fashionistas with oversized frames as well as for athletes who often need wrap frames.

Available in TransitionsG8, TransitionsG8 Xtractive and Xperio Polarized. 

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