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Q: What is a progressive free-form, digital single vision or HD lenses?   

Free-form or digital lens is a lens based on computer automated design or CAD. These lenses are created with high precision tools to create special surfaces on both the front and back surfaces of the lens. Digital free-form lenses can provide you with clearer vision in every gaze direction and in all lighting conditions, wider range of vision, better optical quality designed around the individual and their frame. Digital lenses are available in  a wide range of single vision and progressive lenses at affordable prices. 

At Heritage Sight Optical we test and select our lenses to provide you the best visual solutions whatever your needs and lifestyle is.

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Q: Why Shamir Lenses?

Established in 1972 to manufacture bifocal lenses, Shamir Optical Industry is a leading producer of advanced Single Vision and Progressive lenses. Shamir Optical Industry is a world-leading producer of high-performance lenses and premium coatings. Shamir products incorporate the latest technologies, delivering unique solutions for emerging patient conditions.

At Heritage Sight Optical we’re always in search of the best products for our customers.

Premium Digital Progressive Lens

Shamir Autograph IntelligenceTM  the first progressive lens of its kind and Shamir’s most advanced progressive lens created with 12 unique designs, linked together to meet your specific visual needs. Autograph Intelligence achieved this precision implementing innovative Big Data and Artificial Intelligence assisted lens design.            Shamir Autograph Intelligence™_NEW(RR).mp4 on Vimeo

Every lens is unique by Visual AgeTM. Instant focus for every distance.

 1)Smooth transition between vision zone. 2)Unique user experience for every wearer. 3)Visual AI Engine. 4)IntelliCorridor. 5)Eye Point   Technology. 6)As Worn-Quadro. 7)Natural Head Posture.                                                  

For optimal results we recommend adding Glacier Expression antiglare coating (2 Years Warranty) by Shamir.

Premium Progressive Lens

Shamir Autograph III TM is an premium progressive lens that delivers a sharp, comfortable visual experience. Designed with Eye Point TechnologyIII, Natural Posture and Interllicorridor this lens is for eyeglass wearers demanding high-quality lenses that optimally accommodate any individual prescription. They require lenses that fit their modern world digital needs while providing comfortable and sharp vision, in any shape of chosen frame. Shamir Autograph III is for patients aged 40 and up experiencing difficulty reading small print, close objects or suffering from eyestrain.

For optimal results we recommend adding Glacier Expression or Glacier Plus antiglare coating (2 Years Warranty) by Shamir.

Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog and Blue Zero coating is also available on all the Shamir’s lenses. 
Customized Digital Progressive Lens

Shamir InTouchTM is an highly advanced progressive lens designed to significantly improve your visual clarity in the 40 to 70 cm viewing zone. Shamir InTouch is perfect for those who frequently use digital devices, and expect the highest visual comfort. 

 1)22% wider reading area and Up to 21% wider intermediate zone. 2)Easier transition between the lens zones. 3) ItelliCorridor Technology. 4)Eye Point Technology. and CloseUp Technology.

For optimal results we recommend adding Glacier Expression or Glacier Plus antiglare coating (2 Years Warranty) by Shamir.

Customized FreeForm Progressive Lens

Shamir ElementTM provide a personalized Freeform lens at an affordable for everyday lifestyle. Designed with Eye Point Technology and Direct Lens Technology for a sharp, comfortable visual experience. This lens is 20% wider enhancing the far and near viewing zone.

For optimal results we recommend adding Glacier Expression or Glacier Plus antiglare coating (2 Years Warranty) by Shamir.

Premium Digital Progressive Lens

Essilor Varilux X Series is Essilor’s best progressive lens using XtendTM technology to capture with high precision every detail within arm’s reach.

  1. Path Optimizer™ provides you with a sharp vision at all distances along the viewing path and a larger near vision field*. 
  2. W.A.V.E. 2.0® Technology cleans the lens from high-order aberrations.
  3. Binocular Booster™ technology analyzes both right and left prescription simultaneously to provide you with seamless transitions at all distances for effortless vision.
  4. Swim Control Technology™, which reduces the period of adaptation by providing stability of vision in motion.
  5. Nanoptix® reduces distortion, allowing for stability of vision in motion and an overall natural vision. 
  6. Synchroneyes® calculates both lenses as a pair by taking into account the differences between the right and left prescription as well as pupil distances. 
  7. Xtend® technology delivers the biggest volume of vision within arm’s reach. 
  8. 4D Technology™ takes your dominant eye into consideration and improves your reaction time.

For optimal results we recommend adding Crizal Sapphire 360 antiglare coating (2 Years Warranty) by Essilor.