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Ultimate HD SeeMax ClearBright
Varilux W.A.V.E. 2.0
Individual 2 PAL
ID MyStyle 2
Unique HD
Q: What is free-form, digital or HD lenses?   

Free-form or digital lens is a lens based on computer automated design or CAD. These lenses are created with high precision tools to create special surfaces on both the front and back surfaces of the lens. Digital free-form lenses can provide you with clearer vision in every gaze direction and in all lighting conditions, wider range of vision, better optical quality designed around the individual and their frame.

  • Single Vision Lenses – Every day reading or distance vision available in HD.
  • Digital Single Vision Lenses – For the best optics possible.
  • Outdoor Lenses to fit your life style – Polarized, TransitionsG8, Style Colors, XTRActive, Style Mirror.
  • Varilux Digital Progressive Lenses – Best lenses quality for a clear optics across the board.
  • Computer Digital Lenses – Eye strain reduction, improve posture, enhance visual experience.
  • EyezenAnti-Fatigue Lenses are built with a slight and subtle boost within your lens for near vision work. It will relieve any visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision. Recommended for young students to early presbyopes. 
  • Lenses Coatings – Super HiVision EX3, Crizal Sapphire 360, Crizal Rock, Blue Light Blocker, Anti-Scratch coating.
  • Myopilux Lenses – The all-in-one, ideal treatment for children’s that helps to correct myopia.
  • Trivex –  The lightest lens materials on the planet weighing even less than polycarbonate.
  • Hi Index Lenses – Recommended to individuals who have stronger prescriptions, they are thinner, lighter and visually appealing.
  • Bifocal Lenses – With two distinct optical powers for distance and reading, more traditional.